Pol Mod Pol - Tid til Fornyelse i Kort, Langt & Mellem

Pol Mod Pol - Tid til Fornyelse i Kort, Langt & Mellem

Cat. no.: UR008LP/DIGI
Release date: Feb 18th 2019
Format: 12“LP+digital



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Order Pol Mod Pol’s Tid Til Fornyelse i Kort, Langt og Mellem LP. It comes as an exclusive gatefold 4-page record sleeve with high quality 140 gram vinyl.

DKK 150,- / EUR 21.00

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DKK 199.- total EUR 36.- total EUR 45.- total

Also available online from Discogs and Rillbar webstore.

Pick-up in record stores
If you are in Denmark, you can order the album in any record store (distribution via Rillbar). But the following record stores carry the album in stock:

Copenhagen: Insula Music, Route 66, Dorma 21
Aarhus: Reverb Vinyl, Route 66


With the debut album “Tid til fornyelse i kort, langt og mellem”, the artist POL MOD POL delivers an electrifying new cocktail of disco and harsh noise into the grooves of an innocuous piece of vinyl through which the conventions, norms and foundations of both genres are ferociously and unapologetically explored, challenged and, according to some, defeated.

POL MOD POL is the meeting of opposites in a beyond-high-voltage environment that delivers a deliciously wicked zap to the brain AND the body. An auditory EMP blast in the atmosphere of your mind that from the very first note succeeds in absolutely flooring any and all unprepared listeners while gifting the dancefloor pyromaniacs among us with a beat unlike any other.

This dauntlessly electrifying cocktail is the illegitimate bastard of one hundred percent distorted bedlam and one hundred percent pure energy born in a world where 200 percent is nothing but the baseline and too loud is nowhere near loud enough – a world that also birthed POL MOD POL, a veritable child of chernobyl who to this day dives back in there to retrieve even more sonically radioactive beats for the always rhythmically famished masses.
With a jump off point in the harsh noise and breakcore genres, this Aarhus-based electronic magician has loved into being this musical golem that he christens BOOGIE NOISE DANCEMUSIC, whose sole purpose is to release the dancing demons of this world in a raucous cacophony of hysterical dancing, unhinged headbanging, and outrageous swan dives into the abyss of the dancefloor.

POL MOD POL embodies a kind of music that breaks every convention and limit imposed upon it, a kind of music that is less dance-dance-revolution and more dance-dance-armageddon; the soundtrack of a world ending put into a blender, then woven into an abstract blanket that wraps itself around the mind of its consumer and electrocutes it. For the sake of brevity, however, you can colloquially label it as “noise music”, though that umbrella falls woefully short of fully covering this behemoth.

For the past fifteen years and then some, POL MOD POL has been on a mission across underground scenes both foreign and domestic to seemingly redefine exactly what music can or should be, and now the accumulated experience of this crusading troubadour has been encapsulated on vinyl. So let your hair down, lose the shirt, warn your neighbors and crank up the volume to a hundred, or a half, depending on your stats, because POL MOD POL is about to take you down a rabbit hole so loud, deep and delightfully disorienting that a trip in the drum of an out of control cement truck doing 130 down the side of an especially bumpy part of the Mount Everest will seem positively tranquil in comparison.
Watching all this unfold live and in concert is even more of an experience, with POL MOD POL himself is at the helm of this tsunami of stampeding sounds, artfully and skillfully orchestrating the whole ordeal with the almost Teutonic discipline and Swiss synchronicity that is undoubtedly required to successfully share this beautiful musical monstrosity with the crowds.

Behind POL MOD POL is Mikko Mansikkala Jensen (b. Helsinki, Finland, 1976) who has been an exceptionally active part of the experimental underground music scene in Denmark. Not just under the name POL MOD POL, but appearing with a host of different aliases such as Double Space, Soviet Subliminal Seduction, and LYSET. In addition to this, he has also operated as a co-organzier using the name Noisejihad and helped put together hundreds of concerts promoting experimental performers from all over the globe, as well as art exhibitions in Aalborg and Aarhus.
With this in mind, it is easy to see why Mikko Mansikkala Jensen with POL MOD POL has cemented himself as an integral part of the history of Scandinavian experimental music and why his debut album “Tid til fornyelse i kort, langt mellem” is the crowning stick of uranium in the tungsten regalia wielded by this fabled chernobyl child of destiny.


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