A few times a year we issue a podcast that features exclusive dj-mixes and interviews with both Uhrlaut artists and other acts and producers that we really admire.

Uhrlaut Podcast 004: Yngvesin

In this fourth opus of the Uhrlaut Podcast we are proud to feature Yngvesin aka. Yngve Brækka Stensaker on the wheels of steel. Yngvesin hails from the the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia, specifically the city of Bodø in Norway, but settled years ago in Aalborg, Denmark, from where he has built his creative portfolio spanning music (both dj’ing and producing) and visual arts in many shapes and forms.
Yngvesin is also a year-long stalwart on the Uhrlaut crew, where he produces many of the stunning artworks of our vinyl releases, and he is furthermore an integral part of the Uhrlaut dj-crew.
For this podcast he has put together a delightful, eclectic mix of a broad range of electronic music from electro over house to esoteric detroit techno, which highlights his elegant taste in electronic music of all breeds. Enjoy!

Uhrlaut Podcast 003: Monolog

In our third podcast we take a musical journey to Berlin to set the stage for Monolog aka. Mads Lindgren, a Danish-born producer who has been making his mark on the city’s underground music scene for many years. He is known far and wide for his signature style blend of hard drum’n’bass, breakcore and experimental electronic music, but for this mix presents a more mellow ambient selection of his own works. The mix is a live recording of his performance at this years Freqs of Nature Festival, which took place in early July 2016 outside Berlin. As usual we wrap up the podcast with a short interview in which you can hear about a whole series of upcoming releases on various labels from the hard-hittin’ Berlin producer.

Uhrlaut Podcast 002: Jakob Schmid

In this second installment of the Uhrlaut podcast we have the pleasure of presenting another exclusive mix, this time from producer and high-pace beat jugglin’ dj Jakob Schmid, who has been an integral part of Danish electronic music for the better part of two decades. This podcast contains a brand new mix from Jakob featuring both new and old tracks from his collection and concludes with a short interview in the end where he shares some of his musical influences as well as sheds some light on some of current music-related projects. Enjoy!

Uhrlaut Podcast 001: Vektormusik

Podcast 001 features Danish electronic music duo Vektormusik, who is known for the their unique combination of contemporary modular ambient, loop, freeform & kraut music. The guys have put together a great mix followed by a short interview that dives into their musical world a bit and also gives an update on their upcoming album on US-based label Time Released Sound.

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