Pol Mod Pol album is now out

Pol Mod Pol album is now out

After more than 2 years of work Pol Mod Pol’s audio missile of an album, Tid Til Fornyelse i Kort, Langt & Mellem, is now available on high quality vinyl LP. The album comes in a gatefold sleeve with artwork by Norwegian visual artist Yngve Stensaker, and will knock your socks off. Period.

With this debut album, the artist Pol Mod Pol delivers an electrifying new cocktail of disco and harsh noise through which the conventions, norms and foundations of both genres are ferociously and unapologetically explored, challenged and, according to all conventional wisdom, defeated.

Pol Mod Pol is the meeting of opposites in a beyond-high-voltage environment that delivers a deliciously wicked zap to the brain AND the body. An auditory EMP blast in the atmosphere of your mind that from the very first note succeeds in absolutely flooring any and all unprepared listeners while gifting the dancefloor pyromaniacs among us with a beat unlike any other.

Get it while it is hot! Read more, listen/stream/download for free – or order the vinyl here.

PS: A funny backstory of the album is that it almost never happened: The sheer challenges of getting such extreme audio material into the analog spectrum (and thereby also the actual grooves) of a vinyl record gave mastering engineer at My45 (the German pressing plant) Dario K√∂stinger a humdinger of a challenge. His initial remark – “your track(s) checks off almost every point on the what’s-not-possible-on-vinyl list” – however did gave way for a shared determination to make it happen; and so it did. And we a label we are grateful for that: This is a milestone for us, for Mikko (Pol Mod Pol, and – dare we say – in Danish music history. This is arguably the most sonically challenging album to come out of this little kingdom…