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Uhrlaut and our artists use the Creative Commons license on all releases. That means that all music on this site is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes – and that you are free to make copies for your friends of any Uhrlaut release you pick up in stores.
So go ahead – please download and copy away and enjoy on your iPod, in your home, at the party or where ever the soundtrack of your life may take you. We believe musical excitement should be free for everybody to enjoy and share. That is why Uhrlaut and all the artists are making their music available to you without asking for any other compensation than that of knowing that you will hopefully enjoy it – and that you will share it with your friends.

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Why donate?

If you appreciate these efforts to bring high quality music to you for free – and if you enjoy the music and wish to encourage the artists and the label for their labor, please consider making a small donation. It is perfectly secure (certified) and will take you no more than two minutes, even if you’ve never used PayPal before. We aren’t asking for much; any small amount will be a tremendous help in making the label and artists stay afloat as well as enable us to help new artists surface. Half of all donations goes directly to the artists and half goes into funding the release of the next record.

Please note – these are donations: You are not paying for a product, but rather confirming that conscious music lovers will consider supporting artists they like – even if they don’t have to. If you’ve ever paid for a ticket to see your friend’s band – even when you didnt have to – you know exactly what we mean.

Thank you very much for spending time listening. Fun begins with sharing.