Periskop - 40

Periskop - 40

Cat. no.: UR005LP/DIGI
Release date: May 25th 2013
Format: Vinyl LP+USB & MP3 free download


Download either the LP or the full release (LP + 39 bonus albums).

LP download zip (mp3) 40 albums download zip (3 GB)



Buy the Periskop “40” LP+USB directly from Uhrlaut Records. The LP is wrapped in gatefold sleeve with integrated custom made USB-key containing the 39 bonus materials albums as well as 4-page booklet containing liner notes for all 40 albums.

DKK 130,- / EUR 18.00

+ DKK 49.- shipping + EUR 15.- shipping + EUR 24.- shipping
DKK 179.- total EUR 33.- total EUR 42.- total

Industrial dub techno & click-doom from Danish producer Periskop on massive 40-albums-in-1 release

Heavy submerged reverberations and beautiful ecstatic bursts. Dark underwater techno meets intense industrial atmospheres in a tactile world of sound designed to overwhelm the listener. This is how you can describe the sound of Periskop.
“40” is the result of more than 10 years of musical work for solo-artist Danny Kreuzfeldt aka. Periskop. The release consists of 40 albums: 1 album on vinyl LP and 39 albums as bonus material on a custom-made USB-key. This makes “40” the longest musical release in Danish music history. The mastodon release will additionally be available as free download.

The LP (album 1) contains 10 previously unreleased tracks. They have been carefully chosen from the vast Periskop music production library because they jointly represent the most coherent representation of his year long musical output, which here includes collaborations with the National Radio Symphony Orchestra as well as vocal by the female electronic singer-songwriter Tone aka. Sofie Nielsen and Emil Brahe from the doom metal band SOL.
These collaborations also summarizes Kreutzfeldt’s inspirational sources in classical music, extreme metal and electronic music and his point of departure in the relationship between human and machine. The material on album 1 has gone through a combined analog/digital mastering process by Emil Thomsen, who is known for his contemporary tactile electronic sound as also presented by ao. Marybell Katastrophy.

39 albums as bonus material
In the vast bonus material the listener is invited to go wide and deep in the musical work of Kreutzfeldt. Releases and live performances have over the years happened within a broad spectrum of genres and aliases. This is why his music so far has been spread out over many platforms and scenes, and in the press he has been described as “a scene of his own” (Tobias Fischer, Tokafi). “40” combines previous releases prior to 2008 with previously unreleased material from the period between 2008–2012 where Kreutzfeldt refused to work on conventional releases. This material has been refurbished, edited and regrouped into 39 new albums that serve as individual musical pieces, series of albums or parts of the overall collection in general. As such, this is not a re-release, but a remodeling of Periskop’s collected works from over 10 years of production activity.

“Copy this release to people you know”
This encouragement is to be found several places on the cover of the LP+USB version of “40”. The release is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which enables legal sharing for non-commercial purposes. The same goes for the digital version of the release which on the same date will be available for free in full length on the website as well as in all major music portals, streaming services, torrent search engines and file sharing sites.