au2pilot - Fatamorgana

au2pilot - Fatamorgana

Cat. no.: UR006LP/DIGI
Release date: Nov 16th 2015
Format: 12“LP+digital


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Buy the “Fatamorgana” 12”LP directly from Uhrlaut Records. The limited-edition white vinyl LP comes in custom-made sleeve by Lea Lund. Get your copy now!

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Chaotic samples and twisted drum programmings: Musical contrasts in free motion

It’s a revelry of controlled chaos and a celebration of the unpredictable when Au2pilot takes the stage or twists the knobs in his production studio. Embellished fragments of melodies, cut-up samples and abstract breakbeats are joined into beautiful, yet edgy electronic compositions, which refuse to let themselves be categorized into conventional music genres. But it wasn’t always so…

Just a few years ago the Danish composer Jon Tobias Niemi sat disillusioned and stared at his synth-modules and computer screen. Over recent years he had been very active as a producer of electronic music, and had lots of success as a live performer and dj around small clubs and at underground parties. But now his spark had vanished. All of a sudden it had occurred to him, that what he was doing reminded him of all other kinds of music. It was trivial and predictable. He had lost his motivation.
In a moment of clear vision he realized that it was time, right there and then, to bury his musical alter ego at the time, Tobiaz, for good. No more genre-based and easily categorizable music, no more predictability. He threw all his old tracks and Cubase-drafts into the trash bin. But the history doesn’t end there – because out of the ashes that night came a brand new musical being: Au2pilot.

Like a phoenix Au2pilot became the artistic rebirth of the young producer. Straight away he started crafting some brand new musical and artistic dreams, and over the next weeks a totally new universe took shape. Here he let the sound find its own paths – regardless of whether that let him towards true harmony or pure chaos. In day-long sessions he created uncontrollable soundscapes, and his inner composer found a fundamentally different way of thinking music. Since then the scale of success has been, in his own words, that “if after several ours of production I feel emancipated and not frustrated, then I’ve expressed what I needed to express.” And the emancipation and energetic discharge is easy to hear in the music he has created ever since. So much that he has put out several releases on labels both domestically and abroad, especially in the period 2008–09 and again in 2012, where his latest album came out on the Japanese Bump Foot label.

Three years has passed since the last officially published oeuvre from Au2pilot. The time has been spent composing and recording new tracks, but also on maintaining his other creative outputs: Being a multifaceted artist he also paints images, makes mixtapes on old tape decks, produces abstract video art which is put out on Youtube and beyond all this he also runs a small art gallery in an old store that also houses his music studio in his home town of Aalborg, Denmark.
In the three years he has meticulously put together Fatamorgana, a brand new album on which he once again reinvents Au2pilot: Musical contrasts and samples meet, are cut up and patched together in new, curious forms, and it’s very apparent that the contradictions are given free space in Niemi’s universe anno 2015. Nothing is held back and new sound forms are introduced in both hushed, ambient sequences and high-octane bursts of raw energy. His love for the unpredictable and surprising element is intact: Melodies whirl in and out around each other and grapple for space in his musical image alongside chaotic samples and twisted drum programming. Ordning muss nicht sein. That is Au2pilot.

Music video

Au2Pilot - Tree of life from l'Objartiste on Vimeo.